History and benefits of mobile app

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Everyone loves their mobile phones as it has made the communication easier. The application on the mobile phones has reduced the workload of people. Therefore, it has become an integral part of everyday life as people use it to chat with their friends, take photos, order food, call a cab, pay taxes, etc. Today, people spend more time with the smartphone as it has captured the attention of everyone within a short duration. The mobile application runs on the phones with several features to meet the demands of the users.

History of Mobile Applications

Before the development of mobile apps, the mobile phones were only equipped with basic features like calculator, clock, calendar, contact book, etc. The only attraction was the snake game offered on the Nokia that was immensely popular. 2012 marked the start of the evolution with the introduction of BlackBerry smartphone with the wireless email feature. The innovation was the biggest step towards mobile application development. But, the users have to use the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) to access the internet to download the apps offered by the phone’s manufacturers. With the increased demand, the WAP always fell short of handling the load resulting in higher wait time. The introduction of iPhone is considered ad the giant leap in the evolution of mobile apps. The iPhone with its multi-touch display, digital keyboard, and functional web browser revolutionized the mobile application. On Jul 2008, the Apple’s app store started online that transformed the app industry. It has only grown leaps and bounds every year as cutting-edge apps are introduced on play stores to entice the users and make their daily chores easier.

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Benefits of Mobile App

The mobile app makes any process simpler and easier, so it is great for a company to have its own app to promote the business. It is the apt channel for any business as it offers the following advantages;

  • Extensive Features Offering Fun

The mobile apps are specifically developed to impress the prospective customers. The software of the app is equipped to control the content display and optimize the functionalities of the smartphone. Therefore, it offers immense fun with the exciting features to the users.

  • Convenient Experience

The app development offers an enhanced user experience as it allows the targeted audience to complete the action without any difficulty. With the evolution of the smartphone, the apps can influence the consumer behavior.

  • High Revenue

Though many businesses hesitate to develop their own app, many are unknown to the fact that cost of app development is easy to offset through different means. An app can generate revenue with ads, fees for downloading, etc. to gain revenue. The app linked to payment platform online can lead to higher conversion rates with faster transactions.

  • Brand Recognition

The app is easy to link to the social media platform that can improve the brand recognition and raise the popularity of the business. The customers can share their views about the business easily with the apps that can gain more new customers.

  • Easy Accessibility

The mobile apps are easy to download from the app stores, so it makes the business easy to access. It will attract more customers to the business.

  • Improved Security

As the mobile apps undergo stringent approvals before getting placed in the app store, the users can ensure their personal data is safe and secure. It eliminates the risks of the apps getting infected by malware or viruses, which can breach the security.

As the current era is digital, any business can survive the competition with a mobile app as it gives the business an edge over its competitors. It can attract potential clients without any geographic restriction. With the right strategies, the mobile apps can strengthen the online marketing of the business to generate huge returns on investment.


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