Facebook Algorithm works and how to make it work for you

Facebook has been a front-runner when it comes to developing the base for a social media marketing strategy. It has set the space for digital advertising and has been one of the best tools to make your business more popular and visible to a larger audience. It is effective, affordable and completely safe to digital advertise your content on Facebook.

Face book changes

After an official announcement that hinted at the fact that the social media giant would be prioritising a more meaningful interaction among the buyers and sellers, or more specifically, interaction of customers and the brands who have been trying to a get a huge chunk of benefit from it, it still focused on developing a better algorithm for the interaction to be more human like and make it easier for everyone else who has been using it.

The algorithm focuses on giving major “importance” goals to the people who are closer to you. The people and pages you follow, your family, friends and the likes have been upscaled on the feed page. The services that it has rolled out is now more people centric and helpful than being just a chunk of garbage that you don’t pay attention to and scroll.

There are basically two kinds of interactions that take place in the application. It can be active or passive interaction. Active interaction being you commenting, sharing, and distributing information that you find beneficial. The idea of you being passive is hovering over the like buttons and clicking through the pages or just minimal browsing. Better quality of content gets a better response which is only obvious.

The ranking factors are dependent on multiple factors. It could be the comments that you have been posting, the reactions that you have been sending out on particular posts, the number of replies that your comments get, the sharing of links over messengers, the number of groups that you have been creating over a period of time, the total number of reactions or engagements in the shared content etc plays a crucial role in prioritizing that feed on the page.

The amount of time you spend on one page or one content, the duration of time lapsed after you have posted the content, the type of story, the page profile and how much of it has been completed, the informative quotient of the page, and other valuable factors are instrumental in signalling the accentuation of that news feed on the page ranking. It could always strike how a news items always shows up as the first content on the feed page where as others just disappear in a jiffy. It is all dependent on how the above factors have been used to build up the popularity such that it makes it to the top.

You can always use multiple methods to make it stand out. Go for live videos instead of posting pre-recorded videos. Videos are always a common constraint and if you have been looking forward to build a better base, live videos are the new thing. The new algorithm pays more attention to live videos and tends to get 6 times more reactions that the rest of them. Do not use click baits or mislead or audience. It could lead you to being reported. Focus on community building and create a content that connects with the audience for that algorithm to work in your favor.

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